Five reasons why you should visit Belgrade

Exploring the vibrant city of Belgrade offers a unique blend of historical richness, pulsating nightlife, emerging creative districts, and a diverse culinary scene that’s worth every moment of your visit. Here are five compelling reasons why Belgrade should be at the top of your travel list:

1. Rich Historical Tapestry

Belgrade’s allure lies in its deeply woven historical tapestry. As one of Europe’s oldest cities, it bears witness to a succession of civilizations and conquerors. From the Celtic settlement of Singidunum to Roman occupation, the iconic Kalemegdan Fortress stands proudly in the city center, narrating tales of resilience and heritage.

Five reasons why you should visit Belgrade, Photo: Misho Govorcin

2. Enthralling Nightlife

The city comes alive after dark, beckoning night owls to experience its renowned nightlife. The energy pulsating through Belgrade’s clubs, especially the splavs (barges on the rivers), is magnetic. From mainstream hotspots like Shake & Shake and Sound to alternative venues like 20/44 and Svemirska kafana, the choices cater to diverse tastes. Techno enthusiasts will find solace in venues like Barutana, The Tube, and Drugstore, amplifying the city’s reputation as a nightlife hub in the Balkans.

3. Savamala: The Creative Epicenter

Nestled beneath the Kalemegdan fortress, Savamala has transformed into a vibrant creative district. Its streets adorned with mesmerizing murals and graffiti offer a canvas to Belgrade’s artistic expression. The area pulsates with independent bars, art galleries like G12 New Media Hub, and the iconic Culture Centre Grad, making it a must-visit for those seeking artistic inspiration.

Discover Skadarlija, Photo: Misho Govorcin
Discover Skadarlija
4. Culinary Renaissance

Belgrade’s culinary scene is a delectable fusion of tradition and innovation. Skadarlija street hosts traditional kafanas, inviting visitors to savor local dishes while enjoying authentic Serbian music. However, the emergence of fusion and contemporary cuisine restaurants across neighborhoods like Lower Dorćol, Zemun, Vračar, and the trendy Beton hala on the riverfront demonstrates the city’s evolving gastronomic landscape.

5. Scenic Delights and Nature Retreats

Belgrade’s scenic splendor is amplified by its strategic location at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Beyond the bustling urban landscape, the city boasts picturesque river views, inviting clubs, islands like Big War Island, and relaxing beaches at Ada Ciganlija lake and shores like Ada Huja and Ada Medjica. Embrace the city’s outdoor charm and enjoy its diverse natural offerings.

Kalemegdan Fortress, Photo: Misho Govorcin

Belgrade, with its rich historical heritage, pulsating nightlife, burgeoning creative scene, evolving culinary experiences, and scenic wonders, promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Serbia’s capital. Visit and immerse yourself in the dynamic tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored in this mesmerizing city.

Belgrade Fortress

Photo: Misho Govorcin